Payroll Services

Punctual and precise payroll delivery significantly impacts employee morale and performance. Given that this essential task may not offer a competitive advantage, outsourcing it is ideal since the resources required for an in-house payroll function may not outweigh its benefits.

Flexible and Scalable Payroll Outsourcing

Venovox offers flexible payroll outsourcing services that can be tailored and adjusted to meet the specific needs of your business, regardless of its size.

We handle every payroll process your business encounters and ensure compliance, relieving your company from this responsibility. By fully outsourcing payroll, your business will reap the benefits.

Professional Employer Organization Services

A resourceful outsourcing service that enables employers to gain economies of scale by offering a wide range of benefit options at competitive rates.

What We Offer?

Administration benefits

Recruitment and hiring services

Payroll administration

Administration of employees' compensation

Compliance assistance

Drug testing programs

A PEO is an all-in-one HR solution that helps make it easier for you to manage your human resources functions such as employee benefits, payroll administration, compensation, taxes and compliance issues. Working with a PEO offers many benefits to businesses like yours. This includes:

  • Simplifying HR tasks to focus on what matter most
  • Offering Fortune 500-level benefits more affordably
  • Having access to HR advices and guidance on specific issues

What Is a Professional Employer Organization?

Dedicated HR Expertise

Support From a Team of Professionals
Our Professional Employer Organization (PEO) provides comprehensive HR outsourcing services along with tailored HR guidance. We offer proactive HR consultation through a dedicated professional who will familiarize themselves with your business and provide recommendations accordingly. Furthermore, we grant access to a network of experts specializing in payroll, recruitment, safety, benefits, and workers' compensation.

We assist you in resolving the specific HR challenges you encounter
Irrespective of the size of your workforce, whether it's five employees or 5,000 employees, our HR solutions are designed to expand alongside your business. We offer customizable solutions that can be tailored to meet your business's specific requirements, taking into account factors such as size, industry, location, goals, and company culture.

Tailored Solutions for Your Business

Excellence in HR Technology

The right Technology to Support Your HR Processes
By leveraging powerful analytics, you can streamline HR tasks such as talent management, benefits administration, and employee safety. These analytics provide valuable insights that can enhance efficiency, ultimately freeing up your time and resources.

Employees’ Compensation Plans and Payment Service
Our employees' compensation payment service offers the option to pay premiums based on actual wages, eliminating the need for estimations. This approach helps eliminate significant premium deposits and enhances your cash flow.

Improved Cash Flow

HR Consulting Services
(for SMEs)

When it comes to simplifying HR, having a reliable source of assistance for urgent matters is crucial. As an HR solutions provider, we offer access to a dedicated and experienced HR professional who is committed to providing your business with the attention and support it deserves.

Our seasoned HR specialist will familiarise themselves with you and your business, offering valuable HR support to address your specific challenges.

  • We provide customised and practical HR advice aligned with your risk tolerance and requirements, supporting your business objectives.
  • We gather precise details regarding your unique business circumstances.
  • Utilising our advanced technology-driven solutions, we transform insights into actionable measures, delivering effective recommendations.

Dedicated Support from Your HR Professional

Dedicated HR Expertise

Venovox HR professionals deliver personalised guidance and actionable HR advice based on your needs and help you meet your business goals.

In a landscape of constantly evolving business laws and regulations, ensuring compliance requires dedicated time and effort. We are here to support you by offering expert assistance and keeping you informed with proactive updates on federal and state business laws. With our guidance, you can navigate compliance issues with enhanced confidence.

Legislative and Regulatory Resource

Company Culture

Developing suitable policies and procedures that align with your company can pose significant challenges and consume valuable time for your HR team. This includes tasks such as crafting company handbooks, managing workplace policies and procedures, creating job descriptions, and effectively addressing sensitive workplace matters. However, with the support of your HR professional, you can streamline these efforts. They can assist in updating company policies and maintaining a company culture strategy that fosters employee engagement.

With the assistance of your HR professional, you can explore various benefit strategies tailored to your business objectives, including the option of health insurance coverage through Venovox. We will facilitate connections with relevant experts to ensure you find the perfect solutions. Additionally, we will assist in organising enrolment meetings for employees at your location, allowing you to focus on other essential HR initiatives.

Help with Benefits and Enrolment Meetings

Simplified Hiring Process

Our dedicated team of HR professionals is available to provide guidance and assistance across various stages of the employee lifecycle. This includes offering recommendations and support for sourcing job candidates, conducting interviews, implementing effective hiring strategies, facilitating onboarding processes, managing new-hire reporting, and devising strategies to retain productive employees.

With expertise in various HR functions, our dedicated HR professional can assist you in devising effective strategies for attracting, developing, and retaining a high-quality workforce. From recruitment and policy communication to performance management, they will work closely with you to create tailored approaches. This includes implementing best practices for managing team members at each stage of the employee experience.

Assistance Throughout the Employee Life Cycle

Manager and Employee Training

Our expertise can support your business in formulating a results-driven, long-term learning strategy. By partnering with Venovox, you gain access to the necessary resources, experience, and tools that are crucial for ensuring your business achieves success in this area.