Background Screening

Employment Screening

Employment Screening is the foundation of good personnel security. It seeks to verify the credentials of those you are seeking to grant access to your sites and information, and to check that they meet preconditions of employment. It means that they are legally permitted to take up an offer of employment.

Employment Screening also referred to as Background Checks can be used to confirm an applicant’s identity, nationality and immigration status, and to verify their declared skills and employment history. It may also raise concerns about the integrity and reliability of an applicant, for example:

  • Involvement in illegal activities;
  • Unspent criminal convictions relevant to the role, particularly if not volunteered by the applicant and only revealed by other checks;
  • False or unsubstantiated claims on the CV or application form;
  • Unsubstantiated qualifications;
  • Unexplained gaps in employment history;
  • Adverse references;
  • Questionable documentation e.g. lack of supporting paperwork or concern that documents are not genuine; or
  • Evasiveness or unwillingness to provide information on the part of the candidate.
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Other stages of the recruitment process also give opportunities to screen candidates. Interviews, in particular, will help to form an opinion of their character. Credit reports can provide assurance that there are no significant credit or debt problems that could place the individual in a vulnerable position.
Employment Check