Risk Advisory


Risk management is possibly one of the most complex and least understood factors affecting businesses across all industry sectors.

It has recently come to prominence following the 2018’s largest investment scandal in Malaysia (and even probably in the world). This financial crisis came to light when several top tier banks and other financial institutions were exposed as being managed by woefully incompetent boards who clearly did not understand their own businesses.

Risk however is a vital and positive part of running a business. Without taking risks no business can make money. It is how businesses manage these risks, that are the key to their success.

Managing risk has to be a work in progress. The abject failure of many CEOs, boards and senior managers to grasp this fact is fundamental to why so many businesses fail.

Our firm utilizes the latest suite of intelligence-led data analysis, big data and visual mapping tools. This allows us to identify key risk issues and present these using powerful visualisation techniques.