Healthcare Sector


With pressure to fill positions quickly to avoid losing scarce, qualified applicants, it can be easy to omit reference interviews or to take a candidate’s resume claims at face value. Because health care professionals work directly with vulnerable persons, many of whom are children or elderly, thorough background screenings are an inevitable requirement. Every patient and visitor deserves to know that their health care provider is qualified, safe, and reliable.

Nationally Trusted
Venovox has implemented background screening solutions for over 20 health care clients across Malaysia and Singapore. This unparalleled experience means we know how to tailor our Flexible Service Ordering and Delivery Options to your unique organizational structure:

  • Remote or Distance Recruitment – Venovox’s online ordering provides fast delivery results for immediate and efficient recruiting
  • Janitorial or Foodservice Staff – Customize a package to fit their roles accordingly
  • Practicum Students – Fast and easy Criminal, Litigation and Reference Checks on students
  • Multi-Site Support – Venovox’s Team will design a reporting plan to deliver the right information to the right hiring managers, recruitment officers, or security team members. Take advantage of our multi-tier, secure online reporting platform.
  • International Checks on Applicants from abroad – read about our Global Expertise, which are chosen by many of our health care customers.

A Health Care Background Screening Package Typically Includes:

  • Criminal Record Check
  • Reference Check with Patient-Care Focus
  • Employment Verification
  • Education Verification

To further protect their organization, many also choose:

  • Identity Cross-Check
  • Credit Bureau Inquiry

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