Energy & Utility Sectors

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Employment opportunities within the energy and utilities sectors require a highly-skilled workforce with specialised competencies. Accurately performing a thorough background check on all new hires is a critical component to ensuring safety and security in the workplace. Misrepresentation of education or employment histories could result in violation of safety and security policies, negligent hiring lawsuits, or worse.

Improve Your Workforce
Venovox is pleased to provide employment background checks and Supply Chain Security Programs to dozens of Asia Pacific and Middle East’s leading energy and utilities based organizations. Our unparalleled depth of experience enables us to design relevant packages catered to screening skilled candidates for security sensitive positions.

An Energy & Utilities Background Screening Package Typically Includes:

  • Criminal Record Check
  • Investigative Reference Checks
  • Employment Verification
  • Education Verification & Credential Verification

To further protect their organization, many have also chosen:

  • Public Safety Verifications
  • Identity Cross-Check

With all clients, we take a customized approach to packaging services ensuring we meet each of our clients’ screening needs. Contact Venovox today to learn more about screening candidates in the Energy & Utilities Sectors.