Corporate Due Diligence

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A simple definition of Due Diligence would basically refer to a research conducted on certain ‘areas of interest’ to confirm all facts and truths, before entering upon an agreement or finalizing a deal. Tons of times people have been deceived with flattery talks and flawed recommendations, which have led to many deceitful and unsuccessful deals; be it on a personal basis or on corporate matters. A personal deceit may only involve an individual, but a corporate sham would pull down a company entirely. So how do you play smart and avoid falling into corporate scams? The solution – Due Diligence!

Venovox provides exactly what you need. Our Venovox’s Corporate Due Diligence Service provides an array of checks, which clarifies dubious testimonials set forward by companies seeking a business opportunity with your esteemed organization. Engaging such vendors not only positions your company at risk, but also places your company’s credibility at stake as their job performance may indirectly influence a damaging outcome for your clients. Such situation may be reflected negatively on your business integrity.

We understand the necessity of probing into facts to reveal the actual skeleton hidden behind such corporations. Hence, we have trained and built a team of professional specialists who are capable of penetrating and exploring information, which will be deemed of great value in making your final engagement decision. With years of experience in this field and upon studying the industry’s demand, we have been able to comprehend a list of services, which will be essential to enable your well-regarded organization to make an informed decision. Our services include:-

Background Checks
A due diligence finding is conducted on all relevant details or information provided or attained about the corporation. The searches may produce results such as the year of establishment, capital, cash flows, past projects, current projects, etc.

Adverse Check
Searches conducted on the company to reveal both the company as well as its shareholders’ and directors’ civil litigation findings, criminal activities, bankruptcy records, integrity and credit standing, etc.

Mapping of Properties
A mapping is steered on all properties owned and registered in Malaysia to study its connection and relevance to the subject company.

Mapping of Business
Exposure of the company’s shareholders’ / directors’ interest in companies registered in Malaysia.

Financial Status
A mapping of the company’s financial standing in all related financial institutions operating in Malaysia is studied.

Global Compliance and Regulatory Checks
A thorough verification is conducted against the international sanction list.

The above set of services listed is only part of the frequently used services. Each due diligence situation may differ from case to case basis, and we may need to utilize the most suitable service required to handle your state of affairs. Having said that, no matter what the situation is, all Venovox will require is the subject company’s full incorporation name and the registered company number.