The Complete V Pro Check

The Complete V-Pro Check has long been a benchmark for pre-employment screening in Asia Pacific. In some industries, V-Pro reveals red flags on 60% of candidates. Since you never really know which background check service will reveal a red flag, it is a best practice to choose multiple employment screening tools.

A Complete V Pro Screening % Red Flagged
Investigative Evidence Search
Protect your employees, customers and shareholders.
Fully compliant with Privacy, Human Rights and Freedom of Information legislation.
Results within 24 hours or less.
Identity Cross-Checks
Over time, credit bureaus collect name, address, employment and alias information about candidates. Cross-reference this data with details provided by candidates on Venovox’s consent forms.
Reveal more criminal histories by inserting aliases into the criminal record search.
Results within 24 hours or less.
Employment Verifications
Verify dates of employment, positions held, and reason(s) for leaving, directly from payroll and Human Resources records.
All information obtained is cross-referenced with the claims on the candidate’s consent forms.
We know how, when, and who to contact for timely results.
Education Verifications
Verify the candidate’s highest level of education directly with listed institutions.
Is the candidate honest?
We know how, when, and who to contact for timely results.
Reference Checks
A consistent, auditable, high quality process.
Eliminate the chance of ‘phone tag’ as professional reference interviewers are available during extended business hours.
Eliminate interviewer bias.
Credit Bureau Inquiry with ID Cross-Checks
Reveal financial pressures – “Desperate people may do desperate things.”
Poor payment history or collections may indicate irresponsibility.
Uncover history of Court Judgements and bankruptcies.

Cross-Referencing & Analysis
A Complete V-Pro Check is worth more than the sum of its individual services. Our trained professionals analyse and cross-reference each document, looking for inconsistencies, exaggerations, and other red flags.