Paperless Consent

Here’s what iConsent is doing for Venovox’s customers!

Faster turnaround times across all services
When applicants fill out iConsent from home, we find they take the time to provide thorough information; in combination with mandatory fields, we get the right information the first time from the candidate, thereby minimizing delays to start a check and the need to go back to you for additional information.

Faster Reference Checks
By giving references the option to interact with us online or by telephone, we are seeing reference turnaround time drop from 3-5 days down to about 36 hours.

How does it work?
iConsent creates an online document replicating our paper consent forms which contain your candidate’s information.

STEP 1: Login to Venovox’s secure website to initiate a background check. Simply provide Venovox with basic information about your candidate (their name and email address) and select a service package.

: Your candidate receives an email invitation to complete their online consent form. From anywhere, your candidate can complete their consent forms.

STEP 3: ID Verification is required for Criminal Record Checks in some countries. You can select from 3 Options – Electronic MyKad Verification, Manual ID verification or your Hiring Manager can liaise with our ground crew.