Case Studies

Venovox has helped countless organizations with their pre-employment screening needs by improving their talent pool and increasing their hiring efficiencies.

A prominent bank, with approximately 1,000 applicants per year, needed to reduce costs in their pre-employment screening process and decided to outsource their screening to Venovox. Venovox was able to help the bank to consolidate nation-wide hiring and cut back on inefficiencies. Our statistics showed that nearly 5% of the bank’s applicants were untruthful in their educational claims, and that the number rose during economic crisis. Venovox’s analysis also revealed that over one third of job applicants had an unsavoury work history, and that by the end of 2014, 22% of the bank’s applicants had something to hide in regards to their work experience. As a result of partnering with Venovox, the bank saw increased accuracy coupled with speedy completion of files, which resulted in savings and better hires.

A nationwide logistics organization with 4,000 hiring candidates per year was in need of consolidating their applicant screening system. In an industry riddled with high turnover and product loss, the implementation of a streamlined background checking process was a necessity. The high cost of an inadequate hiring process scattered throughout the branches was holding the company back. With 11% of the hiring pool hiding criminal records, resources were being misplaced even before the results of criminal histories were known. Venovox’s 24 hour turnaround time for Investigative Evidence Search put an end to this inefficiency, allowing for the consolidation of Criminal Record Checks into a single medium. Hiring managers further gained the ability to track the quick progress online, and were able to ensure that they weren’t employing criminals.

One of Malaysia’s three giant telecommunications companies sought out Venovox’s pre-employment screening services to aid in their cost reduction strategy. As a multi-provincial organization, the cost of a fragmented in-house pre-employment screening process was a mounting problem. The inability of a central hiring manager to audit the progress of the 6,000 yearly candidate files lent itself to inefficiency and waste. Venovox’s pre-employment screening solution brought solidarity, speed, and accuracy to the process. Working within the client’s human resource guidelines, undesirable candidates were quickly eliminated from the hiring pool allowing the hiring managers to focus more attention on their potential candidates.

Energy & Utilities
A major American energy producer with base in Sarawak was losing revenues by completing its pre-employment background checks in-house. In 2013, the company screened over 3,000 candidates and was drowning in costs and turnaround times. Venovox was able to put their hiring process back on track, discovering further that as the economy worsened throughout the year, the number of false education claims nearly doubled. Since working with Venovox, the pre-employment screening process has greatly improved. With improved turnaround times and information accuracy, this utilities provider has saved thousands by avoiding potential hiring errors.

A major Singapore retailer screening more than 20,000 candidates yearly desired to improve upon their fragmented and lethargic hiring process. Not having a central agency to handle the nationwide background checks, the organization was wasting both time and resources. Venovox’s screening program allowed the company to consolidate pre-employment costs and manage new candidate files in an integrated manner. Our state-of-the-art file management system allowed the organization to monitor the quick progress of applicants’ files, seek further information where needed, and disseminate information only to authorized parties.