Global Expertise

Unparalleled Global Expertise
Venovox has extensive experience in performing international background checks. Our capabilities include:

Employment & Education Verifications, Reference Checks   :  Worldwide
Driving Records   :  Worldwide
Criminal Record Check   :  Covers Most Countries Worldwide
Drug Testing   :  Covers Most Countries Worldwide

Venovox offers a full suite of services to satisfy background checks and due diligence requirements for candidates abroad. We deliver consistent results, ensuring our clients’ global screening needs are met.

We carefully examine the source of our data adhering to the SIX specific requirements installed:

  1.     To verify the existence of information in the targeted country
  2.     To identify how the information is maintained
  3.     To ensure that the reliability and credibility of the information is well retained
  4.     To adhere to all legality matters involved in using consumer information for employment purpose
  5.     To warrant timeliness of delivery
  6.     To have a transparency cost of information

Our experience and leading technology allow us to design comprehensive global pre-employment screening programs ensuring consistency of screening across entire client organizations.

Global Identity Validation

Venovox maintains a proprietary database that validates identity documents such as passports and national identification cards. Our searches include all countries worldwide and we use physical and logical identifiers in each document to confirm its validity.

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