What Comes Up In A Background Check?

A common question is “What comes up in a background check?” Listed below are some of the red flags raised, that employers should be aware of:

Criminal Record Check:

• Wanted by the Police
• Caught and Charged in Court
• Caught, Pending Investigation
• Diversion in Process
• No Further Action

Credit Check:

• Credit Fraud
• Bankruptcy and Insolvency Notice Issued
• Bad Payment History, Dishonoured Cheques
• Public-record Bankruptcies and Judgments

Education Verification:

• Enrolled but did not Complete the Program
• No record of Degree or Certification
• Different Majoring
• Tempered CGPA Transcript

Employment History Verification:

• No Record of Individual Found
• No or Maybe on Rehire
• Salary Differs
• Dates of Employment Differ
• Job Title and Function Differs

Professional License Verification:

• No License Found
• License Expired, Revoked, and/or Suspended

Professional Reference Check:

• Contact Does not Remember Applicant
• Contact does not Recommend Applicant for the Position

Sex Offender Registry Check:

• Name Match

Workers’ Compensation History:

• Cases