The Common Mistakes Done by Candidates

Employment and job seeking is an amalgamation that co-exist in any organization. As long as corporation exist, candidates will apply for jobs, and employers will screen their resumes for a possible hire.

In reality, HR Managers have seen thousands of resumes, and at times, the most inappropriate and bizarre resumes with outrages mistakes beyond one’s imagination. At times, these HR Managers have sat through a series of interviews which does not make sense and may even appear ‘meaningless’. It is a common known factor that body language is also measured during interviews.

It is understandable that in a stress-filled job market, candidates have enough challenges to face, and most often than not, for some, the last thing they will want to worry in an interview is their body language. However, sometimes these too could hurt their chances of getting hired. Conversely, there are some candidates who are able to produce the cleverest and most perfect set of resumes, but still fail to fool some HR Managers. Experienced hiring managers will most often be able to know, within five to fifteen minutes of the interview, if the candidate is a good or bad fit for the position.

Here, Venovox would like to share some insights gathered from experienced HR Directors, Managers, and HR Officers about the biggest “No-Nos” when they are shortlisting resumes or sitting through interviews. Listed below is the top FIVE blunders in a few categories namely, resumes, interviews and body language.

(1) Resume Errors

• Typo
• Missing a list of skills
• Inappropriate email addresses
• Generic resume details which are not personalized for the position
• Standard “copy and paste” text from other job postings

(2) Interview Errors

• Dressed inappropriately
• Appearing to be ‘not interested’
• Appearing arrogant or ‘showy’
• Constantly looking at mobile phones, texting and answering phone calls
• Talking negatively about current or previous employers

(3) Body Language Errors

• Having a bad posture
• Failing to make eye contacts with interviewer
• Failing to smile
• Fiddling with something on the table
• Being overly self-conscious

Team Venovox